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Mechanical Engineering Designer
 Job requirements 
1. Mechanical design-related professional education background Bachelor degree or above.
2. Familiar with drawing software such as CAD, SOLIDWORKS or proE for 3D model design and 2D drawing design.
3. Familiar with the mechanical principle, familiar with mechanical processing technology, sheet metal processing technology, commonly used molding technology, an independent analysis, the ability to solve problems, to the production process and product development problems arising in time to propose solutions.
4. Medical equipment, automation equipment project development and design experience is preferred.

— Job responsibilities —
1. Responsible for the overall design of medical automation equipment and spare parts selection;
2 mechanical structure, technology, performance design;
3 outsourcing and non-standard pieces of the selection, procurement;
4 in accordance with the requirements of the quality system preparation, sorting technical documents;
5. Product stage technical improvements and problem solving.